Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

It’s that time of the year again …. Festivities and celebrations!! Diwali – the festival of lights – The season for family, food, sharing and gifting. I personally love the fact that more gifting means more shopping!! My absolute favorite way to pass my time. 😊 So amidst all the sweets and snacks, meals &…… Continue reading Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

I have come to realize the amazing benefits of using oils on the skin after I moved to the dry climate of Australia. In Mumbai, I avoided oils, barring a few, because I always felt that oils on the skin would be too heavy but I now realize how advantageous it can be to use…… Continue reading Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

Let your Lips do the talking!!

Well I promised to try and be more regular with my writing and since you all know I recently moved country, I hope you can give me some time to settle in before I get back on my writing schedule. It is crazy cold here in Adelaide, Australia and the past few days have been…… Continue reading Let your Lips do the talking!!

Product Review: The Body Shop Piñata Colada Body Butter

It is time for another product review. With the current trend, I too have been leaning towards cruelty free brands and which better brand than the one who was the first international cosmetics brand to be awarded the Humane Cosmetics Standard for their Against Animal Testing policy 20 years ago. I am talking about the…… Continue reading Product Review: The Body Shop Piñata Colada Body Butter

January 2017 MSM #Detox Box

It’s here!! The January 2017 MSM #Detox Box The MSM Box January Edition – #Detox Box is a refreshing, pastel, multi-coloured box with a purple base. It looks sooooo pretty! As always, the products are neatly packed with the “msmbox” sticker keeping everything secure, and this month’s box looks stuffed! My subscription expired last month…… Continue reading January 2017 MSM #Detox Box