Food Review: The Green Snack Co.

My apologies for being MIA for such a long time. I have some big news coming up, which I will share shortly but prep for that has kept me occupied. Today I had to just sit down and pen down my thoughts on an amazing healthy snacking brand I came across and have been loving.…… Continue reading Food Review: The Green Snack Co.

Food Review: ASAP Granola Bars

Been a while since I did a food review, and that could be because of late I have been consciously avoiding too much outside food and trying to eat healthy. Whilst we know the healthiest food is natural fruits and vegetables, sometimes your body crave something more! That’s when healthy options like ASAP come into…… Continue reading Food Review: ASAP Granola Bars

Food Review: Eat Anytime Snack Bars

A wish of many, I too crave that one tasty snack I can reach out to which won’t have me thinking about how many additional calories I have consumed. Well, I think I finally found it! I am talking about Eat Anytime Snack bars. This amazing snack bar is available in multiple flavours to suit…… Continue reading Food Review: Eat Anytime Snack Bars

Food Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Today’s review is going to be of interest to everyone out there… be it girls or guys, kids or adults, the young or elderly… I discovered an amazing snacking option which is ideal for absolutely everyone. And not only is this delicious, it is healthy!!! Something found in every Indian household is just spruced up to…… Continue reading Food Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt