Product Review: Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie

Another wonderful product so needed in this weather, a great mattifying moisturizer. With the harsh summer at its full strength, the skin tends to feel stick and oily, yet longing for the moisture it needs to keep it smooth and flawless. If you have oily or combination skin, this cream is ideal in leaving your…… Continue reading Product Review: Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie

Product Review: FairFax Hair Energizer

If you have been facing hair fall issues, then you gotta keep reading. Today‚Äôs review is on a completely herbal, made in Switzerland hair fall solution. FairFax Hair Energizer The Product & My Experience FairFax Hair Energizer is a Swiss made 100% Herbal unique non-sticky solution for hair fall related issues. It is formulated, manufactured…… Continue reading Product Review: FairFax Hair Energizer