Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

It’s that time of the year again …. Festivities and celebrations!! Diwali – the festival of lights – The season for family, food, sharing and gifting. I personally love the fact that more gifting means more shopping!! My absolute favorite way to pass my time. 😊 So amidst all the sweets and snacks, meals &…… Continue reading Diwali – Festive Gifting!!

Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

I have come to realize the amazing benefits of using oils on the skin after I moved to the dry climate of Australia. In Mumbai, I avoided oils, barring a few, because I always felt that oils on the skin would be too heavy but I now realize how advantageous it can be to use…… Continue reading Vitamin E – The Skin Miracle!!

Let your Lips do the talking!!

Well I promised to try and be more regular with my writing and since you all know I recently moved country, I hope you can give me some time to settle in before I get back on my writing schedule. It is crazy cold here in Adelaide, Australia and the past few days have been…… Continue reading Let your Lips do the talking!!

Product Review: Ryaal Rosehip Oil

Since I have been going gaga over the various essential oil based products from Ryaal, why not add on a review of their famous 100% natural Rosehip oil. Something About the Brand Check out my previous post here for more details on the brand and reviews on some of their other amazing products.   Ryaal…… Continue reading Product Review: Ryaal Rosehip Oil

Product Review: Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie

Another wonderful product so needed in this weather, a great mattifying moisturizer. With the harsh summer at its full strength, the skin tends to feel stick and oily, yet longing for the moisture it needs to keep it smooth and flawless. If you have oily or combination skin, this cream is ideal in leaving your…… Continue reading Product Review: Ryaal Grapefruit Smoothie

Product Review: Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask

The harsh summers are here with full force and with it comes the sun-tan and dull skin! And the best way to deal with that is to go natural!! Something about the Brand Ryaal Essentials is focused on combining the best nature has to offer to provide natural solutions. This brand needs no introduction and…… Continue reading Product Review: Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask

Product Review: All You Need is Love and Lavender Body Wash

Another one that blew me away with its overall look and presentation. Something about the brand Definitely a name that catches your attention, you can read all about them in my previous posts on their sunscreen. Just click here for details. The Product & My Experience With the scorching summer, what additionally you tend to…… Continue reading Product Review: All You Need is Love and Lavender Body Wash