Product Review: Lass Naturals – Rose Cardamom 24hr Moisturizing Face & Body Lotion & Fruit Blast Soap Free Face Wash

Today is a post which is highly overdue. This is a brand I have loved and raved about in the past and can’t stop loving.

Something about the brand


Lass Naturals is a world class brand engaged in manufacturing & marketing natural products for hair, skin & body care. All their products are Parabens & SLS/SLES free. They have no artificial fragrance or petroleum derivatives and are created from a blend of rare Indian herbs and essential oils. I had done a week of mini reviews on my blog because I so love their products. The links for those reviews are listed at the end of this post, if you want to check them out.

The Products & My Experience


I received these two precious bottles a while ago and sadly got pushed to the back of my drawer, till recently. I have been using them since the past couple of weeks and am extremely happy with them.

Lass Naturals Rose Cardamom 24hr Moisturising Face & Body Lotion


With the upcoming winter months, our skin tends to dry out more than usual, and I you may want to stock up on your body lotion to rescue your skin and what better than to get a natural, effective option.

With a beautiful fragrance of spiced up roses, this body lotion is quite hydrating. It feels soft on the skin and the fragrance is quite uplifting.


Loaded with various beneficial oils like almond, olive, jojoba, rose & cardamom oil this moisturizing lotion is amazing on the skin.



Packaged in a small flip-top plastic bottle, it is a conveniently packaged product, perfect for travel.

My Experience:

A little thick lotion, it applies beautifully and is absorbed into the skin almost immediately. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated yet there is no residue left on the surface. It has a beautiful rose fragrance that lingers on for a couple of hours and surprisingly it’s subtle enough to not cause any headaches.

Post repeated use, there is a visible improvement in the skin. It does feel softer and smoother.

While I looked up the face wash & soap of the same range, I could no longer find the moisturizer on their website, maybe it was out of stock, so linking the other products from the range below:


  • Natural ingredients
  • Long lasting effects
  • Good for the skin


  • Very limited sizes available

Price: ₹1155 for 50 ml

Rating: 8/10

*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

Lass Naturals Fruit Blast Soap Free Face Wash


With a whiff of this face wash, you are transported to your childhood and it feels like you are in candy land. The fragrance of this face wash is extremely sweet and candy like. I know many aren’t fond of too sweet fragrances and this is right up there when it comes to sweet fragrances.




Available in a tube for the 100gms version & a small plastic flip top bottle for their 50ml version. Both are extremely travel friendly but I personally prefer the tube.

My Experience:

A great face wash. Enriched with essential oils, this face wash is extremely light on the skin yet it leaves it feeling squeaky clean. It doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, and keeps it well hydrated.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Hypo allergic
  • Extremely Soothing to the skin


  • Lathers less being a herbal product

Price: ₹99 for 50 ml

Rating: 8/10

*As a disclaimer, I do still recommend a patch test for any product as natural products could also react with certain skin types.

You can buy it online at:

I do recommend you check out their other products as well as they are all with natural extracts and SLES/SLS, paraben, sulphates free.

Below are the links for my reviews on other products from this brand:

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, and check out my other social media, links below. Bye till next time!


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