Product Review: Natural Concept AloeVera Gels & Facewash

I come across a lot of products in various subscription boxes, some new and unheard brands, some good and some not so good. Sometimes the brand intrigues me and I venture to try out more products from them and this happened with a brand called Natural Concept.

I received a hair gel from them, in my happyhamper subscription box. This was a customized product and they were sending out various variants based on issues identified on their personalization survey. My biggest issue has always been dark circles, but I had called out hairfall as an issue too when updating the survey. I was naturally expecting the cucumber gel for my undereyes but received the jaswand gel for hairfall.

Initially I was a little disappointed but thought I should try out the product, and to know more about my experience, please keep on reading…

Something about the brand

Natural Concept – The Power of nature is a brand which focuses on the power of Aloe Vera. Their products primarily revolve around the goodness of Aloe vera and how it is beneficial for skin and hair alike.

They combine aloe vera with various other natural and herbal extracts to create products that target various problem areas.

The Products & My experience


I received the Jaswand gel first and started using it post a hair wash. The instructions indicated use on the scalp and along the hair strands. The gel was quickly absorbed and left behind no sticky residue so I was quite happy with that. It also helped to keep the oiliness away, and refreshed a-day-old unwashed hair bringing it a nice bounce. This gel definitely impressed me and I started using it more often. A few weeks later I noticed my hair was thicker and looked healthier. That is when I really started believing this gel was helping.

Impressed with the hair gel,  decided to give the other variants a try. When I checked the website, I realised they have some good combo options and with extremely affordable prices, I booked a trio of the gels.

I ordered the cucumber gel, (of course!), the seaweed gel (I am growing old!) and their plain aloe vera gel (cause it can have multiple uses). Within a couple of days I received the package but instead of the cucumber gel I received the orange (Oil control) gel instead.


I ended up contacting the brand and informing them of the error, and was immediately informed they would be sending the cucumber gel free of cost. I must specially mention the customer service was extremely customer centric and personalized and I really appreciate such service.

It did take a while for the replacement to come and I was also sent their aloe vera face wash sample to try.

The Jaswand Gel was the only hair gel I tried, and I absolutely love it. It has definitely made a difference to my hairfall and serves as a nice way of refreshing my hair between washes, something like a dry shampoo!


The orange gel is specifically for oily skin. It claims to help with acne and though I haven’t seen too much of a difference in that area, it certainly does help maintain the oil levels of the skin. While I have normal skin, my T-zone does get a bit oily at times and this has helped keep it in check.


The seaweed gel is specifically to target mature skin. Enriched with anti-aging properties from seaweed extracts it certainly lends that extra punch to the skin making it nice and supple.


The Aloe Vera gel is colourless and quite the multi-tasking product. Especially useful for DIYs.


The Cucumber gel is a bit different from the others as it has to be used like a mask, and washed off after a while. It is a little more thicker and doesn’t absorb easily.


The Facewash too is quite good. You can feel the aloe vera gel in the face wash and with tiny micro beads in the gel based facewash, it feels super nice. The fragrance is nice too and the only drawback is that it is not too easy to wash off, and for a face wash that ain’t a good thing.

I am quite happy with all the products. They are super affordable @₹80 and packaged in simple screw top plastic tubs of 150gms each. The face wash was a sample but with a tag of ₹40 for 50ml.



  • Contains natural extracts with AloeVera as the prime ingredient
  • Variants to address various skin problems
  • Affordable
  • Well packaged


  • Contains Parabens

All the gels and facewash get a 7/10 except for the jaswand gel which deserves a 7.5/10 for being an amazing hair product.

You can check out their range of products on the link below:

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