Subscription Review: My Envy Box – June Beauty Box

What I love most about My Envy Box is they are always so in tune with the theme of the month. This month’s June Beauty Box is perfectly designed for the up coming monsoon but surprisingly they didn’t have any funky name to go with it. With a beautiful water themed box, the products too are customized for the season.


What’s in my box:

  • Vetro power – Footwear protection
  • Forest Essentials – Eladi Teenage Day Cream
  • Forest Essentials – Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream
  • Votre After Sun Mist
  • Essence – Nail Paint
  • Essence – Eyeshadow
  • Calvin Klein Eternity Intense Eau De Parfum

As you can see from the list, the box was quite packed. Let’s go through them all:

  1. Vetro power – Footwear protection

An extremely innovative product, I was most excited about this. It’s a small 25ml spray bottle with a clear liquid inside, the purpose of which is to protect your shoes. Meant for use on one pair of shoes, this magical spray will create a waterproof & stainproof coating over the shoe, ensuring maximum protection. Can’t wait to try this for these monsoons.

Price: ₹600 for 25ml (Full size of 100ml is for ₹1500)

  1. Forest Essentials – Eladi Teenage Day Cream & Forest Essentials – Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream


While I was excited to receive Forest Essential products, I was thoroughly disappointed in the tiny sachets of cream received. A day & night cream, created with ayurvedic recipes the samples are way too tiny to give any indication of their effect.

Day Cream Price: ₹245 for 4gms (Full size of 30gms is for ₹1850)

Night Cream Price: ₹264 for 4gms (Full size of 30gms is for ₹1975)

  1. Votre After Sun Mist

Have used Votre Sunscreen mist in the past, so was naturally excited to try the after sun mist. This spray is cooling to the skin and calms it down in a few seconds, though I must say, for such a high end brand, the packaging really isn’t too good. I had the same issue with the sunscreen mist bottle. The spray just isn’t up to the mark and sticks too much.

Price: ₹500 for 50ml (Full size 100ml for ₹850)

  1. Essence – Nail Paint


A beautiful peach colour nail paint from essence was the perfect addition to this box. This variant is supposed to give a gel like finish and dries up amazingly quickly. Not only is this nude colour perfect for this weather, I also love essence nail paints because of their patented brushes. Flat, broad and neat.. perfect for application.

Price: ₹850 for 100ml

5. Essence Eyeshadow

I received a beautiful shimmery gold eyeshadow – Party all night – shade no. 35. I already own the same one, so know it is beautiful and has amazing colour payoff.

Price: ₹199 for 2.5gms

6. Calvin Klein Fragrance


A tiny vial of perfume, perfect to carry in your wallet with an amazing fragrance. Love this perfume, but again a tiny sample!

Price: Sample Vial (Full Size – 100ml for ₹5800)

Once again, My Envy Box came packed with various brands and a variety of products, unfortunately it didn’t show that value due to the numerous tiny sample size products.


The extremely tiny samples should have been done away with and they should have sent a deluxe sample of one product. The number of products certainly don’t impress if they are so tiny that they hardly have a relevance even to try out. Over all it was a good box, simply for the vetro power footwear protection.. A truly innovative product worth sampling.

You can buy your envy box at:

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